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1. What is an electronic cigarette and how does it work?
  1. E-cigarettes, also called electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are battery powered devices that produce vapor.

A heating element (atomizer or attie) heats an e-liquid into vapor which can then be inhaled.

E-liquids contain a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetal glycerin, nicotine and flavourings. The e-liquids that we sell at do not contain nicotine as it is not currently legal to sell e-liquids containing nicotine in Hong Kong.


2. Are E-Cigarettes legal in Hong-Kong?

There is an urban myth that e-cigarettes are illegal in Hong Kong. This is incorrect, e-cigarette can be legally bought, sold and used in Hong Kong. However one is not allowed to use e-liquids containing nicotine.

For a list of various coutries' regulations, please refer to:

3. What do I need to start smoking e-cigarettes?

. You will need:

- a battery: this is the element that provides power for heating the e-liquid into vapor.

- a clearomizer: this part has two functions. It has a tank which contains e-liquid and an atomizer which is the part that heats up to create vapor.

- e-juice/e-liquid: the liquid that will be heated into vapor. These e-liquids can be separated into three main flavour categories, tobacco, menthol and sweet ie fruits and desserts or a combination of any of these

You can build your own kit by purchasing a battery and a clearomizer separately or purchase pre made kits such the Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit which come ready to go, just add e-liquid!


4. What is an adjustable voltage/wattage battery?

On some batteries (eLeaf iStick 30W and Innoking CLK!'s for example) you can adjust the amount of power the battery delivers. The higher the Volts and Watts, the more heat will be generated by the battery, which will produce more vapor. More vapor is fun to watch, but unfortunately reduces taste slightly. It's all about finding your favorite balance between taste and vapor.

5. Why do I need adjustable air flow on the clearomizer?

Air flow is as important as adjustable voltage/wattage. Its another parameter that will help you find your perfect taste.

More air creates more vapor but also reduces the amount of liquid you'lle be drawing the the atomizer, reducing taste. Play around with it until you find your own personal preference.

6. Some devices now have temperature control. What is it?

Temperature Control is the main innovation in the e-cigarette industry.

It's a new function that newer mods offer, where you set the maximum temperature at which the coil can be heated. Once the coil reaches the preset temperature, the e-cig will reduce power to keep the temperature at this set level.

The main advantage of this is that it eliminates dry-hits as the coil will never reach a temperature at which the cotton inside the coil can burn. It is therefore a much healthier type of vaping as well as more economical as only an optimal amount of lquid is boiled.

The main disadvantage is that the current technology mostly works with 2 types of coils: Ni200 and Ti coils. Which is why you will often see a warning that you can't use temperature control with traditional kanthal coils.

Some tanks already offer Ni200 and Ti coils. Please contact us at for more assistance.

7. Advantages of e-cigarettes

No combustion, no tar, only vapor flavoured to your taste. For those moving away from smoking, you keep the smoking motion. It's also very economical to use, so much cheaper than analogue cigarettes. Throw away those ashtrays and lighters and forget about those lingering tobacco odours and ghastly stains.

8. Do we have a physical store? is an online only store at this stage however in some cases we do meet up with customers who may need to see products.

Please contact us at if you have any particular questions.

9. Where are our e-liquids produced?

We only sell US made e-liquids to guarantee the best ingredients are used and that all juices go through a very rigorous testing before going into the bottle.

This helps ensure you get the best flavours without having to worry about any safety issues.

10. Are all products authentic?

All our hardware is authentic and comes with an online security check.

We don't sell any clones.

11. Do you ship to Macau?

We ship internationally however as Paypal doesn't accept payments from Macau, you need to make your order in USD and checkout using Hipay.

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