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eSmoke.hk was started by two vapers that started vaping/smoking e-cigarettes whilst stopping smoking traditional cigarettes.


We are based in Hong kong and we found it hard and expensive to source the right equipment in the city of the fragrant harbour. Digging slightly deeper, it dawned on us that Asia as a whole was badly supplied, the problems found in Hong Kong were very much the same as those faced in Macau and Taiwan. Browsing the internet to check the global market, we came to realize that the international postage cost is often prohibitive and that the shipment of lithium batteries to Hong Kong is not guaranteed due to shipping restrictions. It struck us that other people may be facing similar difficulties so we decided to start our own online store.


At eSmoke.hk, we have a particular emphasis on quality. For the atomizers/clearomizers and batteries  we have visited all of the major factories in China. Of these factories we have currently elected to stock products from Eleaf, Innokin, Aspire and Kangertech. These are amongst the biggest and well known Chinese electronic cigarette manufacturers, leaders within their field and with a reputation for quality.


We only stock "made in USA" e-liquids from major American e-liquid manufacturers (currently we have selected Five Pawns, Halo, Suicide Bunny, Evo, King's Crown). This guarantees that the components  that make up the e-liquids are food grade and thus give greater peace of mind.


We try all of the equipment and e-liquids ourselves in order to increase our knowledge  and to be able to make appropriate decisions on what to stock. From the very first day, we decided not to stock atomizers/clearomizers that were prone to leaking and also to steer well clear from clones. Our drawers are full of atomizers/clearomizers and batteries that did not make the grade or that we did not deem suitable for the clientele that we are targeting.


We are currently supplying the beginner to intermediate market even though we do stock advanced clearomizers that enable you to sub-ohm or cloud chase as it is also known. Should you require any more specialized equipment such as rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA), rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA), mods (mechanical and hybrid) or stronger wattage batteries please do send us an email at sales@eSmoke.hk as we do restock on a regular basis and we can accommodate special orders. 


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